Friday, November 13, 2009

Escape from GTMO

Thoughts following the news release that KSM is to stand trial in NYC for 9/11 attacks...

- Change of venue? A serial killer like John Allen Muhammed--another islamist mass murderer who terrorized Washington DC--can't even be expected to stand trial in the jurisdiction that he committed his horrible crimes that terrorized the DC metro area...are we to expect that the courts will allow KSM to stand trial in NYC after bloddying America's biggest city?

- Constitutionality? If we are applying the constitution to KSM now, after allegedly torturing him, can't it be said that he had constitutional rights all along? Wouldn't his confession be thrown away? How about his capture / "rendition?" Being held without an attorney?

- Why now? I guess that Domestic Islamist Terrorism, Cap and Trade, Health Care, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Ballistic Missile Defense, Cambridge Police Department, 10.2% + unemployment, $2Trillion in TARP / Bailout / Stimulus, defense cuts, ACORN, CIA witch hunts are requiring a subject change.

- Implications for us all: Let's say that the courts allow KSM to be tried and convicted. What precedent does that set for the rest of us who are protected by the constitution? Can our rights be stripped and then reapplied by the Justice Department? Bringing KSM into the civilian court system ensures that he will either get off free, or we will see our rights curtailed. Either way, America suffers.

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