Friday, March 19, 2010

Your Keffeyah / Shemagh is not Worldly, it is Silly

I'm so tired of seeing every single hipster on the metro sporting a keffeyah / shemagh. What is a Shemagh? the Shemagh is an ancient Arab headress that is worn either as a turban, a scarf, a sun shield, or a mask for conflict / sandstorms. The shemagh was adopted by every invading Army of the Holy Land since the beginning of time as a way to blend in and battle the elements--namely the sand and the sun. Since this time, however, hipsters, the "culturally aware", tactical posers and other dregs of humanity have taken to wearing the shemagh as a fashion / political statement.
The fashion statement served in the 1980s as unity with the Palestinians (intifada) as they and Israel killed each other in a series of terrorist attacks and military reprisals.
The fashion statement today can only be described as unity with the insurgents of Iraq.
See the above pictures and tell me who looks ridiculous.

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  1. You guessed it......the chick in the red Shemagh. Doubt that she ever made the Hajj......