Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Truth is Nothing Fancy

"TNP:" A Lesson in Greek Civics

At the height of the recession, an Allstate commercial stated that times like these cause us to "get back to basics, and the basics are good." Further, we should, "leave them in good hands."

I couldn't agree more. Enter "The Nutnfancy Project," (TNP (c) to his devoted followers) a multi-year and no doubt multi thousands-of-dollars and certainly thousands of hours in production YouTube series spearheaded by an assumed Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force (reserve?) and part/full time law enforcement officer to promote good citizenry, family, proper pet ownership, comraderie, outdoorsmanship, survival skills, and making great memories with loved ones.

The series of videos reviews outdoors gear, survival gear, firearms, knives, backpacks, and basic medical gear while providing background knowledge in employment, philosophy of usage, and an advocacy for expanding one's own knowledge and skill set. The knowledge provided is fantastic for beginners and experts alike, and his comments section proves it.

The series recommends gear options that maximize utility and minimize senseless bells and whistles (unless you can afford a meaningless smile on your face that only that shiny chrome exterior can produce in a 'Second Kind of Cool' way). It is in this respect that Nutnfancy earns his name.

Advertisement for my favorite YouTube channel, complete, I want to quickly highlight why NUTNFANCY is so relevant today. Nutn occaisionally comes out with philosophy videos which discuss "personal responsibility" and "dangerous things." These things can, should and must coexist. You cannot safely and properly operate/utilize dangerous things without personal responsibility, and likewise you cannot shun dangerous things and consider yourself personally responsible.

Ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle considered that the most basic political unit, the "Polis", the individual operating within the body politic, was inherently responsible for the civilization, and that personal responsibility translated into being able to support it, uphold it, and if need be defend it against internal and external threats be they man made or other. Those of us who have ever taken an oath of office may easily recognize the origins of our vows in the above lines. NUTNFANCY epitomizes the advocacy of this philosophy in his discussions of the "sheepdog concept." The Sheepdog Concept states that those of us with the capability have a solemn duty to learn the crafts and skills to help those who by circumstances or lack of physical ability, mental capacity, emotional stability or sheer will cannot in times of challenging muster what is required to defeat a challenge and or threat. This far surpasses simply standing by, watching or calling 911; it entails proactively engaging a threat or putting yourself into harms way to help another person. Military, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, private security professionals do this every day; however in times of true emergency their numbers will prove in sufficient, their response times wanting. It is the proactively engaged, trained and motivated private citizen, the Polis, who rushes to a car accident, an active shooter, a post-tornado building collapse, a heart attack victim, who may make the difference until the professionals hopefully arrive.

Time are tough. This is a multi-threat axis environment that we live in today with natural and man made disasters waiting around every corner for us. By being good, proactive citizens, trained and ready, we will leave our country in good hands--our own. We can all contribute to this with personal, basic investment of treasure, time, training, and stepping up when needed. This truth is simple, nothing fancy.

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