Thursday, January 21, 2010

The (White House) Plot to Unseat Democrats

Forget the Obama administration being scared up a tree over the Massachusetts Tea Party. Secretly, they are ecstatic.

President Obama is trying to torpedo the Democrat controlled Congress, wants to see it transferred to the Republicans so that he can ensure a second term ala the Bill Clinton model.
It sounds like an absolutely insane statement. The most liberal president in history is trying to destroy the democratic majority that ushered him into power? Yup!

The same tidal wave of liberal euphoria, with foundations conceived and not actually built, that President Obama rode to town in is now a huge liability to him. The American people want results, and are only getting the debt that comes with a liberal social-centric agenda. Despite the Conventional Wisdom that a Congress and Executive unified under one political banner will beget instant results, history has proven that the converse is actually true. The country is center-right, and the delivery of the promised liberal agenda is causing record low approval ratings. This underscores the need for a change.

In 1994, the disasterous beginning of the Clinton administration--epitomized by failed healthcare reform, failed gays-in-the-military initiative--led to a Republican resurgence under a banner of action: the Contract With America. Despite what revisionist historians may tell you today, Clinton embraced many facets of the Contract with America, and made them his own. The Congress and Clinton conspired on multiple legislative initiatives to include Welfare Reform, reducing the size of government, and balancing the budget.

President Obama can ensure greater Republican participation in the legislation beyond being the much bemoaned "Party of No" by ensuring their success in the 2010 elections. By necessitating their participation and collaboration (they will have power equal to the President in crafting and passing legislation), the president will be able to deliver results, and possibly a recovery before 2012, which is his real concern.

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